Monday, April 11, 2011

My 1st Project - Crossover Project with Sumandak Shawls (Part 2)

Assalamualaikum salam sejahtera kepada anda semua semoga bahagia!!!

Yaaa seperti yang dijanjikan, aku post PART 2 punya entri...kesinambungan dari entri sebelum ni... aku copy paste description album My 1st Project - Crossover Project with Sumandak Shawls dalam fbku...

This is actually my 1st project which I AM the project manager. I tend to have difficulties in so many ways to make my dream come true. I AM indeed not a professional photographer and still so far as an amateur but yet I dare to dream BIG. I AM only using camera from my very humble's a SonyEricsson W508 which is so small and the ability was so limited.

I wanna thank you for the names that get involved in this project...a thousand thanks to you guys for making it happen for me. Kotak Hitam, Amy (Sumandak Shawls), Eyta Tajima, Lolita (Amy's cousin) and Azrul Iskandar Lee. Thanks for being great. This means so much to me. This DREAM will not come true without you.

A little description of this project : I am a blogger and I want to make some difference into my writing and the content of my blog. One day I accidently have a chit chat with the owner of SumandakShawls (she sells shawls online through Facebook). Then suddenly an IDEA comes flashing to my mind. So I and Amy, we disscuss this thing about 2 weeks ago. She agreed. So the deal was set. I will put her link onto the sidebar of my blog, just to help her promote her page and at the same time I will promote my blog on her page. That's just it. So, at first I want to do this on my own. I got a compact camera but camera broke down. So then I got another idea to call my dear sis, Kotak Hitam to join with me. Luckily she agreed. So, I invited a few people, my cousin Steng Julizah and some friends. But on the DAY, they cannot come. Still I was hoping I can do another project and this time I'll make sure I manage them right. And for Amy (SumandakShawls)...again...I am sorry for making your brothers' car "mandi lumpur"...:( I felt guilty...really...:(...but anyhow, I was pleased and happy working with you guys. You guys ROCK!!!For the talent, Eyta and Amy also...your talent can be polished. Once again thank you all!!!

Oopss!!!I forgot...most of the clothes were from SumandakShawls combined with Kotak Hitam and my collection. The photoshoot took place in the Padang Bandar Sandakan, Centre Point Mall building (in front of Milimewa), Bangunan Kastam Diraja Malaysia, in the middle of the town, Pantai Pasir Putih and Panggung Lama Tanah Merah. And not forgetting...make-up by me...~(^,^)~...

Peace out yawww!!!

* * *

Hehehe...speaking yawww...hahaha with so many grammatical error...i guess but go on jak la kan kan with the talking...let's talk through pictures...:)

* * *

* * *

* * *

Shawl Satin + baju kemeja + belt + kasut : Koleksi Amy, Harem Pants + bunga : koleksi Allumis Collection, Make-up : by me
(Tema : pakaian kerja, Lokasi : Padang Bandar Sandakan)

Pssst : Next entri will be posted tomorrow...:)


sizuka[Izzati] said...


Nor Adzwaty Rokkafella said...

sizuka : ttp x sama dgn hasil gmbr dslr kan

bunga said...

emm..rasanya lau guna kamera yang baik nampak lebih cantik lagi..

Nor Adzwaty Rokkafella said...

bunga : ya btul tu tp apa bleh buat blum ada rezki lg utk beli amik guna camera hp nti akan di upload gmbr dari photoG...akan datang...tunggu tau...:)

cik EPAL said...

macam yuna lah =)

Nor Adzwaty Rokkafella said...

Cik Epal : thnx 4 d comment...ada la sikit2 cam yuna...hehehe...kalo dia dpt tau mesti dia kembang sakan hehehe...mcm x caya plak sumone yg gojes n femes sudi dtg singgah ke blog ni...T_T...thanx cik epal...:)


Adorable pictures! ;)

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