Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Okay Now

Well just forget that suckers. Now I just want to tell you all that I am pursuing a new interest. I want to be a good photographer. Not a pro...just good. Being just good is nice you know. My first experiment ( I do my own photo hunting by myself and not forgetting my bestfriend ) early this January. After celebrating new year with my bestfriends ( Kichie my BFF, Kujie + Pachak n his GF Selphy + Anton = my fiancees BFF )... and after staying up untill 5 am...I've decided to try my new hobby. There we go to the Tun Abdul Razak Park near the Coastal Highway in Sandakan Town. My equipment is the one and only my little Sony Ericsson W508i mobile phone. I'm only using this phone to capture many interesting sightseeing around me.

So...tadaaaaa...wipe your eyes out... I'm so drama queen ~(^,^)~

Here's the heart shaped clouds... Taken on January 3rd this year. This is the original piece without any editing. It was true... haaaa

My BFF Kichiester miahahaha....

The children playground inside the park. In this picture I'm using black and white effects from my camera phone
P/S : People...well I guess this time I only revealed three of my good capturing not the best but just good.
Good is nice though... ~(^,^)~


This isn't right. I hate to be a complaining person but this is too much!!! I can't take it anymore. Why are people just can't understand how to do their own work. WHY must I replacing them and then they got the credit??? This is bullshit. That's a big WHY to them. I had my own work to be done and for a second I thought that this is truly unfair. I always be the victim here. F*%# you!!!


Hey it's me again. Friday. My very lazy day. Not doing anything but Facebooking and blogging. My life is boring. I wanted to fetch my bestfriend. She's in Bandar Indah now. Visiting some friends. I wasn't very pleased today. The fact is my HEADAHCE still haunting my head. Urgh!!! I hate it. I will continue my Story Of My Life - Chapter Two ( Childhood - Teen ). Will be coming soon!!! Okay...I wil be get going. See you next time. Daaaa!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Story Of My Life - Chapter One ( Childhood )

I was named Norazwati by the nurse that delivers me from birth. She's become my adopted mother. But I never meet her from the day I was born until now. ( sigh )... I was born on the 9th September 1985. Nothing quiet special about me but just a little girl that doesn't know anything about the world around her.

I've been a very lonesome girl since childhood. I have three elder sisters but they were so mean to me. I 've been bullied all the time. Sometimes I really think I am not one of them. Why? Because my skin was fairer than my other three sisters. Too fair to compare to them. And one thing is that my face didn't resembled any of them. So, maybe that's why I've been a bully victim.

My only friend was my neighbour. A tomboyish girl with a rough attitude. Sometimes she's my bestfriend and sometimes she's my worst enemy. But when it comes to do some adventure of our own, it's kind of exciting. We always wondering around the village, going to the woods all by ourselves just to fullfill our daily activities.

All the best thing happens when I was the youngest in the family. I can get what I wanted, but not most of it. But I am so delightful to that. Until my little brother was born. I am so hopeful that I can get a little sister but unfortunately my wish didn't come true. So, there goes another family in my life which I'm not very pleased. I hate that boy so much. He took all that was mine. My attention, my place of being the last in the family, my mommy, my daddy and my sisters. He took everything that I own. My cradle, my toys, my mattress...everything...Only I know what I feel at that time. Since he came to my life, it seems that all my brighter day became a nightmare.

My sisters kept bullying me. Kept mocking me, teasing me saying that I'm not one of them. They told me that my true family was a chinese although my daddy is a bisayans. It breaks my heart that it hurts me so bad. I always find ways to get out of home just to calm myself and it happens when I was still 6 years old.

I can still remember I was packing my clothes in my school bag and I brought it to the kindergarten. I never wanted to go home until my teacher called my mommy and send me back. When I reached home my mommy hit me. Saying that I was a very stubborn girl. Since that day, I get this feeling that I really am not one of them. I put my vengeance towards my little brother.

Day by day I kept hurting him emotionally and physically. I've been a very bad girl. I can't control the jealousy inside me when I saw him taking everybody's attention. There I was, sitting by the corner of the living room watching him with full of anger. When my mommy asked me to take a look after him, I pushed him from the cradle. He fell and he cried. I ran away with a nasty smile on my face. When he started to walk, I brought him to play with me in the rain under a water tank. I pushed him so hard until he fell down and hurt his forehead. His forehead was bleeding and he started to cry. I left him under the water tank all by himself while I just continue playing in the rain.

That time my mommy and daddy not home yet. Only my elder sister was at home. She took my brother to the house and gave him medicine because he started to get ill because of the rain. I was so happy that I got the chance to hurt him. But that night I get my punishment for what i just did to him. My mommy hit me with a stick on my feet. It hurts a lot but I did not cry at all.