Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Okay Now

Well just forget that suckers. Now I just want to tell you all that I am pursuing a new interest. I want to be a good photographer. Not a pro...just good. Being just good is nice you know. My first experiment ( I do my own photo hunting by myself and not forgetting my bestfriend ) early this January. After celebrating new year with my bestfriends ( Kichie my BFF, Kujie + Pachak n his GF Selphy + Anton = my fiancees BFF )... and after staying up untill 5 am...I've decided to try my new hobby. There we go to the Tun Abdul Razak Park near the Coastal Highway in Sandakan Town. My equipment is the one and only my little Sony Ericsson W508i mobile phone. I'm only using this phone to capture many interesting sightseeing around me.

So...tadaaaaa...wipe your eyes out... I'm so drama queen ~(^,^)~

Here's the heart shaped clouds... Taken on January 3rd this year. This is the original piece without any editing. It was true... haaaa

My BFF Kichiester miahahaha....

The children playground inside the park. In this picture I'm using black and white effects from my camera phone
P/S : People...well I guess this time I only revealed three of my good capturing not the best but just good.
Good is nice though... ~(^,^)~

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