Monday, February 1, 2010

The Beginning Day Of Sucks!!!

Ahhh...1st of February. How fast can it be? Today is Monday. And I'm still unable to get any excitedness of going to work. AS usual waking up early on 6.00 am everyday but taking a shower on 7.30 am!!! Hahahaha... then by 8.00 am I will rush to the office as my punch card time is 8.30 am. Thank God my fiancee let me use his car as he was in KL right now. And as usual I will arrive at my workplace by 8.25 am or something. Hmmm... I hate to say this but I WANT TO WORK BUT I CAN'T ENJOY THEM!!! Silly me hahaha.... Can someone tell me how to find the joyness in doing anything including my boring JOB???

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