Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hahahaha...talking about this makes me laugh my head off. Long ago when I was in school time, I am an active person. I play badminton, netball and volleyball. By that time I was crazy slim. Gosh... I really do miss my slim body. Now I'm gaining more weight... Look at my ups and downs of weight...

2001 - 99 lbs ( 16 yrs old )
2002 - 125 lbs
2003 - 121 lbs
2004 - 125 lbs
2005 - 114 lbs
2006 - 138 lbs
2007 - 121 lbs
2008 - 132 lbs
2009 - 154 lbs
2010 - 149 lbs ( 25 yrs old )

Duhh... so much for the diet... I was dieting after my weight has reached to 138 lbs. That time I was recovering from Insomnia. I ate a lot and did no excercising. Then something knocked me and I started to realize that I must lose weight. I was worried that the fact that I can't fit into my dresses and my jeans. That's scary. So I did crush dieting. Not eating carbs at all for the whole 3 months...

Breakfast : I only ate 3 pieces of biscuit or sandwiches with Milo
Lunch : Vegetable soup or fish soup
Dinner : Vegetable soup + fruits

In the meantime, I excercise 4 hours a day. 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. I lost weight too fast. I am happy I can fit in my clothes again but the risk is I almost fallen ill for not having enough vitamins and nutrients. I always feeling dizzy. Tired. And sometimes there's blood running from my nose. After that I was suffering from a massive headache. This is wrong as I was torturing myself. Then I started to eat healthy again.

As years passed by, and I'm getting bigger and bigger. Not to mention that I'm ugly too. My clothes began to shrink and me being a GIANT. So horrible. Now I wonder, how fast the time has passed me by and transform me into something I don't want to be. But, in time... my body just let me be. I wish I could be slim again. Now I almost pushing myself not to eat too much and always make myself sweaty so that I can burn the calories. Not forgetting to drink a lot of water.

There's always pain when one wants to be beautiful...

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