Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm so tired today

One whole day we're doing nothing but go through our website to find out the weakness that are still existed. Me, Ms Mui, Mdm Siti, Mr. Alex and Mr. Jazz were sitting along and exploring the web. ( The website address is confidential ). We've been creating new account on the website so that we could notice if there's something wrong. We started from 11.00 am and stopped just now. About 4.47 pm. What a tiring day. Using our brain 100% trying to figure out what's wrong and what not. Still there's some problem here and there. Hope that it'll be fixed soon. Of course after we send the report to the HQ. Well after brainstorming my head out, I have been told to put loads of files to the cabinet room. I have to use the trolley. I have to do this and that. And bla...bla...bla... last I could find time to do put something on my blog. Last night I am extremely tired and I couldn't even blink. I was so sleepy after watching the movie. Sorry... ~(^,^)~ ...Well, just forget about that. Now I'm packing my things and I wanna get out of here. I just contacted my fiancee's BFF. We will go hangout tonight. It's been long since I last spend time with them. Tonight we will have loads of fun... Can't wait to see them. :D

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