Monday, February 1, 2010

What I Like About Blogging

What I like about blogging?Hmm... they are more like a journal to me. A bit "transparent" from any other social networks. I am indeed an open minded person but I think I'm not "open" enough to share what's inside me through that kind of networks. The fact is so many people can read all your post even if it's wall to wall conversation e.g Facebook. It's not secret at all. Your posts can be read by someone else that is not your friends. So that's a bit irritating to me. I'd rather be "invisible" than to be "visible". Seems like I've been watched anonymously. I do love facebooking coz it can connect me to my old and new friends. And I kinda like the games too. I played Glamour Age and Medical Mayhem. I also have so many social networking. I started with ( now known as FanBox Desktop ), Myspace, Friendster, Tagged, Hi5, Wayn, Zorpia, Facebook and the latest is Twitter. But non of it can be assured of in terms of invisibility. In this blog I can say something about anything at all. I like writing. I like talking. So I express myself from talking into writing. So this is me. Talkaltive and a bit freakadelish. Hahahahaha....

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