Sunday, March 7, 2010

I got sick recently...Photophobia

1st of March, I've known one disease. Photophobia (see the explanation on the post below). I am suffering from this disease. Let's go to the flasback...
* * *
1st of March
5:30pm - I was heading to my BFF's house from my workplace to pick up my laptop. There we had several conversations.
7:00++pm - I was driving home and I took the new highway. When I passed the Eagle Roundabout (near Fajar area), suddenly I didn't see anything! All I can see is darkness. I don't know how I parked my car on the side of the road but there I was with the engine that still on and my feet still hitting the clutch and the brake! By that time I slowly switch off the engine and put the gear to free. My head felt like I was hitted by something hard. I texted my BFF Kichiester & Kujiester about my condition and my location at that time. After texting, my cellphone ran out off battery!
8:00++pm - According to my BFF Pachak & Anton Chomeng, I was unconcious when they found me. Not wasting time, Pachak has brought me to the hospital while Anton Chomeng headed to Mawar to pick up Kujiester then they went to the hospital too. There in the emergency room I can hear voices but it's not clear at all! They asked me to open my eyes but I couldn't. I heard someone said that I was suffering this Photophobia thingy...I couldn't careless. All I can say is that the pain in my head was killing me! Afterwards, I don't know how long I've been unconcious. I don't know what time is it when a female doctor wake me up and asking me questions that some of them I couldn't recall. Some of the questions were...
Can you open your eyes? I said, no.
What kind of disease did you suffer before this? I said, gastric & migraine.
Did you took your medicine? I said, recently no.
Are you being sensitive to the light so that you couldn't open your eyes? I said, yes.
Did you feel stiffness on your neck? I said, yes.
Next, she asked me to open my eyes once again. Once I opened them, the bright light makes my head feels like there's tonnes of thing been put on my head! I was crying in pain. Then they checked my blood pressure and suprisingly my blood pressure is 88/60. That was worse. Then they gave me an injection that made me unconcious again.
2nd of March
12:00++am - I gained concious and I saw Pachak was seated next to my bed. I asked him how long that I've been unconcious. He said it was quite long. He said that Kujiester & Anton Chomeng went to my house and told my sister about me. Afterwards, the two of them came back to the hospital to see how was my condition could be. They have spoken to me but that time I was half concious and kept falling asleep.
3.00++am - The nurse on duty said that I could go home. The three of them brought me to Pachak's house coz they were concerned about my condition. Afraid that something might happen to me. Then, they put me in Pachak's bedroom. While Kujiester was busy feeding me the medicine from the hospital, the other two brought nice foods for me but I couldn't eat at all! According to Kujiester, after I was asleep the three of them stayed awake till morning.
01:00pm - I was awake. I am quite surprised to see that I'm in some strange room! When I saw Pachak then my memory came back and I know that I was in Pachak's bedroom.
3rd & 4th Of March
I still stayed at Pachak's house. From that tragic day untill this day, I was taken cared by my super-duper-friends. Kujiester, Pachak, Anton Chomeng, Kichiester & Duzt. Not forgetting Pachak's mom & sister, my brother and my fiancee's parents and sister. Then, by 3.00pm, my in-law-to be sent me to my house where my mom & dad have waited for me. They arrived from the village after hearing about my worse condition. I feel blessed that both parents could see each other inspite of non-pleasurable situation. I mean, because the reason that I am sick of course!
5th of March until now
My condition is getting better although I still can't expose myself to the bright light as my head will start to blow up itself! More important is that I could move and walk without needing help anymore. But yet sometimes I felt that I could've fall and hurt myself once more. I always seek for something to grip so that I will not fall. Hence, I wrote a show cause letter to my boss so that he will know why I've been missing work last week. Tommorow I will go to the hospital and seek for advise and treatment about my so called 'Photophobia' disease. And of course I already told my father-in-law-to-be to send me to the hospital because my fiancee's car is with them.

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